Dec 26

Custom Framed Souvenirs

We procure many treasures over a lifetime and even after many years those objects flood our memories with the story of how they arrived in our possession. When we custom framed and mounted a pair of Fijian war clubs for Meg Weltzer, it was apparent there was an interesting story behind them.

Fijian war club souvenirs were brought into our shop.

Weltzer and her husband visited Fiji in April 2006, over ten years ago. During their vacation they found beauty among an island split by religious unrest. To fully experience the island, they wandered through the local markets of the town of Korotogo and happened upon a wood craftsman’s shop. A pair of war clubs hand carved from indigenous vesi wood caught Weltzer’s eye, “I was attracted to the juxtaposition of the brutality of [the clubs] as a weapon and their beauty as a piece of art.”

Laying the clubs on the initial backing layer.

Designing for the Client

Long after the trip and the experience, she came to Seaberg Picture Framing to help her choose how to best display the clubs. Blair Haden, the project’s consultant, describes their decisions. “The design process for these clubs included taking elements of what already existed. The dark richness of the clubs matched the custom stain on the walnut frame. The linen-mounted background  matches the feel of the carved clubs and lends a softness to the overall look. Finally, we designed a custom matte black mounting system that would hold these uniquely shaped pieces.”

Matte black mounting was used to support the clubs.

“We had to build something with enough depth between the glazing and the linen for the clubs to be safely framed. We chose a walnut frame that perfectly suited this project.”

Our team installed the final piece on cleats to create a seamless hang. The design perfectly complimented the existing aesthetics of Weltzer’s home, “We hung this in our library. I love the look of the dark wood and the dark walls.”

The final framed clubs installed in Meg Weltzer's library.