Scanning & Editing

Film Scanning

State-of-the-art film scanning is accomplished using Heidelberg’s ultimate drum scanner, the Tango XL. Each piece of film is wet mounted to the drum using Aztek mounting fluid. It is then brought into NewColor and individually adjusted to bring out it’s maximum potential. Drum scanners offer the highest quality scans available providing a wider tonal range, greater color accuracy, superior highlight, shadow detail and higher optical resolution than high-end flatbed scanners or “virtual” drum scanners.

The digital file is then cleaned to remove scanning artifacts such as dust, and given a quick color and density correction in Photoshop in order to bring it closer to the original. This combination of scanner and software is unmatched by any other scanning system offering museum-quality digitization.

Flatbed Scanning

Flat art scanning is done using an Epson 10000XL and SilverFast software. The 10000’s large bed (12″x18″) allows for scanning of larger pieces than a standard scanner. Pieces larger than 12″x18″ can be scanned in sections and joined together in Photoshop.


We offer digital retouching in Adobe Photoshop. This includes image optimization, restoration, enhancement, and prepress. Please contact us for a price estimate.

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