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Conservation of a Turn-of-the-Century Louis Vuitton Trunk

By April Hann Lanford The son of a carpenter, French designer Louis Vuitton Malletier started his career as an apprentice at a box-making and packing workshop at the age of thirteen. In 1854, Vuitton started his business from the ground up with his state-of-the-art steamer trunks. The innovative flat profile... read more →
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A Custom Vitrine for Deep Running by Susan Martin

During our recent collaboration with The Ryan Licht Sang Foundation, we completed this vitrine to display the double sided painting, Deep Running by Susan Martin. The painting is executed on both sides of the canvas and stretcher, as well as the tacking edge.  In order to properly present the painting, a traditional... read more →
Dec 14
Finished corner picture frame profiles made at our Chicago studio. Artmill Group 840 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL Seaberg Framing, Armand Lee, Artifact Services, Prints Unlimited Gallery, Princeton Framing and Gallery, The Frame Forum, Corporate Artworks Chicago Nashville Austin Downtown Chicago Fine Art framing Midwest

Closed Corner Frames, The Epitome of Custom Craftsmanship

Closed corner or finished corner frames are custom crafted from start to finish.  This allows for seamless designs and continuous, uninterrupted patterns and ornamentation at the corners.  A museum standard, and collector preferred, these frames provide the first impression for the quality and care of the artwork it houses. Ornamental Frames... read more →
Jul 26

Medline: Office Art & Company Culture

There is a real wow factor when walking into the expansive Medline building. It’s apparent that this company has a strong understanding of “who” it is from the modern lobby lighting and furniture to the abundance of natural light from the windows that overlook the company vegetable garden to the squared chandeliers... read more →