Jun 13

Armand Lee’s NeoCon 2018 Picks

What's New at NeoCon 2018? As NeoCon 2018 winds down, those who were unable to attend might wonder to themselves, “What’s the next big thing?” We traversed across the many showrooms and spotted what looks to be like the hot trends that you can pull into your design projects. Vibrant... read more →
Jun 08

Farewell to FredEric’s Framing

After serving Chicago with custom picture framing for over fifty years, we would like to offer our sincere respect to FredEric’s Framing for the expertise and care they have lent to the picture framing industry. Founded in 1965 by Fred Baker and Erich Klein, the home of FredEric’s Frame Studio Inc.... read more →
May 09

Custom Framed Art with a Story

Our shops come across a slew of stories because of the variety of artwork we handle. Many of those are told by the family members of now past relatives who wish to carry on their loved one’s legacy. Roseann, a loyal Prints Unlimited client for over twenty-one years, and her... read more →
May 03

Chicago Art at the Heart of Lincoln Park

It’s no secret that our Lincoln Park frame shop, Prints Unlimited, is a local gem. What you may not know is that they feature one of Chicago’s largest selections of Chicago art. When it comes to a wide range of art featuring the city’s attractions and landmarks, Prints Unlimited has... read more →
Apr 11

Diamond in the Rough: Antique Victrola Refinishing

There is a whole world of collectors out there, each of whom specialize in something delightful. One such person is our recent client, a collector from the Music Box Society, who acquires antique music boxes and phonographs. He found Armand Lee while searching for experts in furniture refinishing to restore... read more →
Feb 12

Restoring History: Refinishing an Antique Desk

We place significance on events that turn the changing tides. The American Revolution inspired the French Revolution, which lead to the beheading of Louis XV of France and the subsequent end of a long reigning monarchy. What does this have to do with an antique desk? This flow of events... read more →
Jan 22
Jan 18

Beautiful Glass Backsplash Ideas for Your Home

Pulling together a home renovation can be a complicated ordeal or it could be as simple as cleaning up the look of your backsplash. The backsplash functions not only as a practical feature of your kitchen or bathroom, but also ties together the style and aesthetic of your room. Let... read more →
Dec 26

Custom Framed Souvenirs

We procure many treasures over a lifetime and even after many years those objects flood our memories with the story of how they arrived in our possession. When we custom framed and mounted a pair of Fijian war clubs for Meg Weltzer, it was apparent there was an interesting story... read more →
Dec 04

Create Large Scale Vinyl Art

Artmill Group recently completed an extra special project creating vinyl art "Buddy Benches" for Shuler Elementary School in Clive, Iowa. Each child from the school’s 3rd grade classes drew a self-portrait in crayon on construction paper. Our photo scanning and editing department created a high resolution scan of the kids’... read more →